Mets 6, Nationals 1: After Omar Minaya finally discovered he is in fact allowed to use the disabled list, the Mets made a couple of roster moves and then went out and smoked the Nationals. Carlos Beltran's balky knee will keep him out until Friday, so the Mets had no choice but to put Ryan Church and his hamstring on the DL for a healthy outfielder. That outfielder was Fernando Martinez, the 20-year-old phenom. He ended up going 0-for-3 with an RBI groundout and a hit-by-pitch. The Mets also put Jose Reyes on the DL -- about 10 days too late -- and bought Wilson Valdez from the Indians.

Livan Hernandez pitched a complete game, striking out six and walking one. And even though the Nationals are a terrible baseball team, their lineup is a force to be reckoned with. Gary Sheffield broke the game open with his three-run homer.

  • Rangers 7, Yankees 3: This one was not worth the wait. The teams waited two hours, 24 minutes due to the forecast of -- and then actual -- rain. Joba Chamberlain had a rough time, lasting only four innings walking four and allowing three runs. The Yankees rallied to tie the game after trailing, 3-0, but Alfredo Aceves coughed up three runs to take the loss in relief.
  • Photograph of Livan Hernandez after his win by Kathy Willens/AP