Photographs of LeBron James--shooting over Quentin Richardson and Tim Thomas at left, driving past Richardson at center, and reacting--by Mary Altaffer/AP

  • Cleveland 119 Knicks 101: Hopefully, LeBron forgets about this game when he thinks about signing with the Knicks in July 2010. New York didn’t play defense and didn’t take care of the ball as the lost a game much worse than the score indicates. The Knicks may have also lost Nate Robinson who collapsed to the floor with a groin injury. LeBron was cheered by the crowd and got the fourth quarter off because the game was such a blowout.

    After the game, James said all the right things about his future and how he wouldn’t think about it until 2010. Interestingly, he referred to the Nets two different times as “Brooklyn”. Maybe he isn’t aware that the Atlantic Yards won’t be built until 2011, if at all, or maybe he is just sending a message to Nets’ ownership to hurry up and move?

  • Lakers 120 Nets 93: The Nets fell apart in the second half despite holding Kobe Bryant to 12 points. Devin Harris led New Jersey with 21.