• Philadelphia 105 Knicks 77: On Tuesday, the Sixers fired their GM and President. On Wednesday, they lost to Boston, a team that is currently 17-2. On Friday and Saturday they swept a home-and-home against the Knicks, a team that desperately needs to start over again.

    It’s time Jim Dolan, if you even care anymore. It’s time Isiah Thomas, if you care about anything beyond your current job. Long ago the Garden was a magical place where Reed, Frazier, Bradley and Monroe won championships. Ewing, Oakley, Johnson and Starks fell short, but they brought a passion to the place that is sorely missing. This current collection of Knicks is short on heart and pride while long on paychecks. No wonder the fans have simply tuned them out.

  • Islanders 3 Tampa Bay 2 (Overtime): Mike Sillinger ripped a beautiful wrist shot with 30 second remaining in overtime to propel the Islanders to their first win in six games.

Photograph of Isiah Thomas during the fourth quarter of the game by Ed Betz/AP; the chants of "Fire Isiah!" were strong and clear from the Garden crowd