• Yankees 8, Rays 7: Three home runs helped give the Yankees a six-run cushion, but the fourth gave them the final margin of victory. Johnny Damon showed signs of life by starting the game with a homer, and Alex Rodriguez followed with a solo shot of his own in the first inning. Morgan Ensberg got into the act an inning later, and Ian Kennedy appeared to have clear sailing ahead of him. He left the game with the score 7-3, but Billy Traber and Brian Bruney combined to give back the lead; each gave up two runs. With the game tied, 7-7 in the eighth inning, Robinson Cano came off the bench to slug a pinch-hit home run, saving the Yankees what would have been an ugly loss.

  • Celtics 99, Knicks 93: Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce all didn't play, but that didn't help the Knicks. They still lost what many fans will hope is the final home game of the Isiah Thomas era. At least those Knicks fans were well-fed. They got free concessions -- no beer of course -- to help them swallow the bitterness of what could still end up as the worst season in Knicks history. New York travels to Indiana for the season finale.

  • Sean Avery is a punk, but now he has made the NHL change its rules in the middle of the playoffs. His antics in front of Devils goalie triggered the league to say that will be called unsportsmanlike conduct. The series continues Wednesday with the Rangers up, 2-1.
Photograph of Johnny Damon after hitting a lead-off home run in the first inning by Steve Nesius/AP