The offense did its part, but the defense could not stop Drew Brees as the Giants fell to New Orleans 49-24. The final score would actually have been much worse for New York if the Saints had not committed 10 penalties for 95 yards, many in key situations. What has to concern New York the most is how badly their defense looked in the second half. New Orleans dominated them in the first half, racking up 354 yards, but they "only" led 21-3. The Giants took the opening kickoff for a touchdown to make it 21-10, but they never threatened again. That was because Brees and the Saints pushed them all over the field, doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. It wasn't until there was only 2:41 left in the game that the defense actually made a big stop against New Orleans. Of course by then it didn't matter.

The question now is, can Tom Coughlin pull this team together? The Giants look beaten mentally on defense and as great as Drew Brees is, Aaron Rodgers is better. If the Giants come out with a similar defensive effort on Sunday, Green Bay might set a NFL record for points scored.