• Angels 12, Yankees 6: Ivan Rodriguez got cheered on his way up to his first at-bat. Then he struck out, and surprisingly got booed on the way back. The real boos should have been for his handling of starter Andy Petttitte, who had trouble getting on the same page with his catcher all night. The lefty allowed two three-run homers in the third inning, and the rout was on. Xavier Nady did homer and the Yankees helped their run differential by scoring three in the ninth inning, but that doesn't matter in the long run. The Angels own the Yankees, and, now that everyone considers the team from Los Angeles of Anaheim the best one in baseball, New York has the misfortune of playing it nine more times.

    With Pettitte's start wasted, the Yankees now have Sidney Ponson (Friday) and Darrell Rasner (Sunday) in two of the next three games. Mike Mussina will be going Saturday. Don't be surprised if he wants to throw to Jose Molina, not Rodriguez.