• Cincinnati 4 Yankees 2: It has been 32 years since the Reds last appeared at Yankee Stadium and they picked up where they left off. In 1976, it was a two-game sweep to win the World Series. In 2008, the stakes were not as high, but the Reds had Edinson Volquez, the best pitcher in the NL so far, on the mound and he delivered.
    Volquez earned his 10th win of the season, allowing only 2 runs and the Reds took advantage of a big error by Johnny Damon in fifth to score three runs. Mike Mussina pitched well, but not well enough. Will these two pitchers start the All_star Game in a month at the Stadium?
  • Mets 7 Colorado 2: A five-run second split the game open and John Maine pitched into the seventh for his 7th win of the season.