Boston 6 Yankees 0: A forgettable game turned into a firestorm. We know Jorge Posada was originally slated to bat ninth. What happened after that is hard to understand.

Jorge Posada may have originally agreed with his move to the bottom of the lineup, but at some point he found it objectionable. Brian Cashman told FOX during the game that Posada didn't have an injury. Posada's wife, Laura, tweeted during the game that Jorge had suffered a back injury in warm ups. Posada and Girardi seemed to find middle ground with the explanation that he needed a "mental health" day.

Fact is, Girardi never should have put Posada in this position during a national TV game against Boston and Posada never should have refused to play. Either way, the Yankees lost on and off the field.

Houston 7 Mets 3: It's probably fair to say that R.A. Dickey's magic has worn off. Houston jumped on him for four runs in the first and by the time the game ended, his record was 1-5 with his ERA over 5. On the plus side, Jose Reyes had two more hits and a RBI.