• Mets 8 Colorado 3: Let’s start on the field and give credit to the Mets who have won three-of-four and found some punch at the plate Monday night. Fernando Tatis hit a grand slam in the eighth to break a 3-3 tie and F-Rod took it from there pitching a 1-2-3 ninth.

    Unfortunately, the on the field stuff will be overshadowed by the circus created this afternoon. While announcing the firing of Tony Bernazard, Omar Minaya decided to mix it up with Daily News writer, Adam Rubin, seemingly accusing Rubin of writing the original story about Bernazard's conduct to gain a job of his own with the Mets. A few hours later, Minaya apologized for how he made the remarks, but not for the substance of them.

    The problem is Minaya has now gotten personal with the press and they are not taking it well. If Omar has evidence of his accusations, he had better present it quickly. If not, it’s hard to see how this will end well for him. It certainly casts a long shadow over what should have been a good night for the Mets.

  • Yankees 11 Tampa Bay 4: The Yankees got another great start from AJ Burnett and Nick Swisher had two homers, part of a 15-hit night for New York. The win keeps the Yankees 2-1/2 in front of Boston.
Photograph of Fernando Tatis, who hit a grand slam in the 8th inning, being congratulated by Jeff Francoeur by Kathy Willens/AP