• Yankees 3 Royals 2 (13 innings): With every inning you could feel the entire season slipping away. Time and again, the Yankees’ offense threatened only to come up empty, leaving 13 runners on base. Another loss to the Royals and the Yankees would have to really start making plans for 2009.
    But, the bullpen was great, keeping the Royals off the board and the offense finally showed up in the 13th. It wasn’t pretty, but Brett Gardner capped the day off with a single to left that scored Robinson Cano with the winning run. The Yankees got to celebrate, but they will need many more days like this if they are going to make the playoffs.
  • Mets 7 Pittsburgh 4: New York jumped out to an early lead and Pedro Martinez brought them home. Jose Reyes lead it off with a homer and New York pounded out 11 hits in the win.

Photograph of Robinson Cano, center, celebrating with teammates Alex Rodriguez, above, and Bobby Abreu, below, after scoring the game-winning run during the thirteenth inning by Frank Franklin II/AP