• Lakers 95 Knicks 90: The light bulb has finally gone on for Isiah and he admitted after the game that “maybe we have the wrong guys starting right now.” Why it took this long to click is another question, but Sunday offered definitive proof that changes in the lineup need to be made.

    The Lakers cruised to a 70-45 lead and then had to hang on against a Knicks’ rally that happened with the unit of Nate Robinson, David Lee, Malik Rose, Jared Jeffries and Jamal Crawford playing most of the minutes. What changes are coming? It’s hard to say, but a good start would be splitting Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph up. Let’s just hope Isiah doesn’t start making trades.

  • Ottawa 3 Rangers 1: The Rangers made up the backend of a basketball-hockey doubleheader at the Garden and suffered the same fate as the Knicks. Sean Avery was back, but he wasn’t enough as the Rangers’ woes continued. They led 1-0 in the first, but could not build on that goal and they might consider some lineup changes of their own.
  • Devils 1 Flames 0 (OT): Patrik Elias scored 25 seconds into the extra five minutes to give the Devils the victory and they now have the second-best record in the Eastern Conference.

Photograph of the LA Lakers' Kobe Bryant driving past the Knicks' Nate Robinson by Kathy Willens/AP