accuwx_warmup0309.jpgToday may be the last cold day of winter. Spring begins in twelve days and the only spot of cool air between now and then is likely to be next Saturday. This morning's low dipped down to nearly 262 Kelvin (Gothamist is in an SI units mood today) in Central Park. Bridgeport and Islip both set records lows this morning. We'll go out on a limb and say that, unless we get a late-season snowfall, it won't be that cold in Central Park until next winter.

Today's high will be just above freezing, which is our normal low temperature for this time of year. However, with sunny skies and winds only blowing at 2-3 meters/second it will feel much warmer than the past few days. Temperatures will hold steady tonight as the winds shift to come out of the south around the back end of a high pressure system. While tomorrow will be cloudy, temperatures will be above normal for the first time in a week. Expect highs to be around 284 K, or two Kelvin higher than average. As the moisture continues to build, there's a slight chance rain showers may occur off and on from late Saturday afternoon and into Sunday morning. Any rainfall will likely be light –only 5-10 millimeters at most.

Skies will clear during the day on Sunday, and with temperatures reaching 283 K it should be a pleasant day. Sunday also marks the beginning of Weather Porn, er, Tornado Week on the Weather Channel. No chance of tornadoes here next week. What we do have in store is continued warm weather. By Wednesday temperatures may reach 289 K, something we have not seen since early January.

Warm-up weather map from AccuWeather.