If you're considering quitting smoking, you've got just one more day to take advantage of the Health Department's annual nicotine replacement therapy program, which hooks up aspiring quitters with free nicotine patches, gum, and advice on how to kick the coffin nails. The DOH reports that last year’s program prompted 30,000 New Yorkers to call 311 for help quitting smoking, and a new survey says the city has reached its lowest rate of smoking on record (15.8%), with less than 1 million adult smokers in the city—350,000 fewer than in 2002. Health experts credit the decline to skyrocketing cigarette taxes, bans on smoking in many public places, and a growing realization that lung cancer and tracheotomies just aren't that cool. However, a recent report from the CDC warned that adolescents are still particularly vulnerable to cigarettes' charms and have the toughtest time quitting. And a study published last month contends that non-smoking New Yorkers still suffer from second-hand smoke exposure to a "shocking" degree.