Shorts after dark, rosé after Labor Day, neck sweat with the sunset, it's not a conspiracy: September was the hottest ever recorded, and the past 12 months were the warmest since humans began keeping track in 1880.

From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's blog:

With the exception of February, which tied as the 18th warmest February in the 135-year period of record, every month to date in 2014 has been among its four warmest on record, with May, June, August, and September all record warm.

The average temperature for oceans worldwide was also at a record high last month. Oceans are also at record acidity. September alone had four separate billion-dollar natural disasters, killing hundreds of people, according to Weather Underground.

Things will get worse if the Pacific Ocean experiences a warming, or El Niño, according to WU's Dr. Jeff Masters:

If NOAA's predicted 2-in-3 chance of an El Niño event this winter verifies, and the exceptional warmth of 2014 carries over into 2015, next year could well be Earth's second consecutive hottest year on record, and be accompanied by unprecedented regional heat waves and droughts.

Of course, if it snows a lot this year in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, all of this will be a false alarm.