The story of the NJ man who pointed a laser beam in the sky, and in turn, beaming at a plane and helicopter, has taken yet another turn. Earlier this week, it was revealed that authorities had questioned David Banach of Parsippany about pointing lasers in the sky (a Cessna was hit by a laser, and then the Port Authority helicopter tracing the Cessna's route to find the laserer was hit as well), but it seemed like the Feds were satisfied that Banach was only demonstrating the Jasper 3a laser pen (which are apparently illegal in some way) to his 7 year-old daughter. Now, the most recent report is that Banach admitted to lying to the Feds during the interrogation, and was charged under the Patriot Act. Let this be a lesson to everyone: Laser beams stay in the conference rooms or at home to make pets crazy.

The NY Post calls it Plane Stupid and the Daily News say it's a plane shame. Also, Gothamist adores the graphic WABC 7 whipped up for the story (above left).