Besides a desperately needed pee break, Carl Paladino was practically a ghost at Monday night's gubernatorial debate. He stammered and stumped his way through the evening, ignored by the other candidates, and overshadowed in outrageousness by Jimmy McMillan's karate moves. However, one person has got his back: Larry Flynt. “He is a natural pornographer who has a skilled eye for unusual views and acrobatics," he wrote in a press release.

The publisher of Hustler magazine thinks Paladino has "a keen instinct for kinky sex," referring to Paladino's penchant for forwarding "awesome" lesbian porn and bestiality videos, and has made a generous job offer to the Republican candidate:

Mr. Paladino has proven throughout his career that he knows how to monetize his interests and his pension for pornography should be no different. Therefore, I‘d like to offer him the job of executive editor of Hustler magazine. It’s clear he’s better suited to join our team than be the Governor of the State of New York.

At Hustler Magazine, we don’t ask for forgiveness and we don’t get lost in empty rhetoric. Paladino’s honest thoughts on homosexuality and sex will be a welcome fit... [I]n urging Paladino to take this offer, I can only quote the Republican Tea Party candidate for the U.S. Senate from Nevada, Sharron Angle: 'Man up.'

Previously, Paladino called on citizens to stop "pandering to the pornographers and the perverts," but considering his email habits, maybe he was only talking about gay people? Either way, we'd love to see Paladino's byline on the "Beaver Hunt" section.