Whenever there's a story about the site of the World's Fair you can be certain the words neglected and/or deteriorated will be used. Last year the city was criticized for not better preserving the 130' x 166' terrazzo replica of a Texaco New York State road map at the New York State Pavilion. The winter weather dislodged and even cracked panels after a decision not to protect it was made.

This year the Daily News reports that "volunteers began clearing debris and weeds in recent weeks from the 9,000-square-foot curiosity, prepping to enact a preservation plan first devised in 2008." The plan is to bury it from the elements beneath sand and gravel. Pro bono architects are also working on "short-term reuses for the concrete-and-steel behemoth, while a pair of World's Fair fans have started repainting the exterior of its striped promenade base." The World's Fair Association, however, wants this latter fix put on pause until preservationists determine the original paint scheme.

The New York State Pavilion was landmarked in September, but will it ever get the rehab and re-purposing that's been talked about for years.