With rents what they are, it can be tough to find affordable accommodations for your sex parties, to say nothing of the bureaucratic hassle of acquiring the proper permits for such a thing. Why not just rent yourself an office and host them there?

ByteLair Inc. allegedly did just that, having leased the sixth floor of 12 East 32nd Street from Hole in One Associates LP for "general office and meeting space." But according to a suit filed by Hole in One head Laurence Gluck, the office has been used not for droning sales meetings and forced water cooler small talk, but transgender, transsexual and cross-dressing sex parties. ("Wild" sex parties, both the Daily News and the Post clarify. Not rote sex parties. Not pedestrian sex parties.)

The suit alleges that ByteLair proprietors hung sheets and erected room dividers before advertising the space online as a hotspot for "sexual activity by and between 'transsexual' and/or 'transgender' individuals and/or groups," the News reports.

Other building tenants decided something was amiss when they began hearing “excessive noise coming from the subject premises which continued until early morning hours on Friday and Saturday nights." Like, copier noise? Vigorous stapling noise? No. Wild sex noise.

But Vanessa Vance, who identified herself as ByteLair's owner, said the lawsuit was "ridiculous" and "laughable."

“I'm a software engineer, and I'm transgendered. I have a lot of clients and friends who are transgendered,” she told the tabloid. “I'm shocked that someone could be so misinformed."

Apparently, the alleged illicit activity has the building's other tenants grasping shakily for their pearls, having been "accosted" by visitors asking if they're "coming to the party."

“Tenants are now fearful for their safety and the safety of their loved ones when entering and exiting the building,” the filing says.

Despite Gluck's suit, which further accuses ByteLair of violating building codes, health department codes and “likely a variety of criminal statutes as well,” Vance has announced her intention to carry on.

“I plan to stay," she said. "They're not going to push me out."