2005_08_lazboy.jpgThere are some really dumb landlords out there: One Upper East Side landlord, who wanted to get rid of his 87 year-old tenant who only paid $158 a month for his two bedroom apartment - whereas tenants paid $1500, dumped the tenant's belongings out and apparently dragged the old man out when he tried to complain. The Daily News says that Hop Eng, a retired cook, found his apartment's locks at 172 East 89th changed when he came back from a two month trip, and was told that his apartment had been taken over. All of Eng's belongings from the past 46 years were gone, except a "calendar, a salt shaker and La-Z-Boy chair." The Manhattan DA's office has pressed charges against Dominick Galofaro, who purchased the building five months ago. You'd think that landlords would realize when they pull this kind of stuff, the victims will go to the press, but unfortunately this stuff happens all too frequently. City Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz is trying to help Eng find housing.