2008_08_idtheft.jpgThe Queens DA's office says an Astoria landlord apparently stole his tenant's identity in order to rack up $50,000 worth of purchases. The Daily News says Jorgji Glekas went to the police after getting bills from credit card "accounts she hadn't opened - then grew suspicious when [landlord Phivos] Ioannou asked if she had received any mail that didn't belong to her." Ioannou used his tenant's name and Social security number to buy numerous items, including a BMW (with a $32,000 loan) on a Visa with Glekas's name. (He even reportedly Ioannou made one payment on the car, with a check signed by "Ioannou Phivos.") The landlord, who denies the charges, faces 15 years in prison if found guilty. Here are identity theft prevention tips (PDF) from the NYPD.