Is LaGuardia Airport scarier to land in than JFK? Well, according to pilots it is! Congested airspace and runways extending into the water are on top of the list of what makes it so terrifying, according to The travel site ranked the Queens airport #8 in the most frightening commercial landing strip in all of the world!

One pilot told them, "On one approach to runway 31, the plane makes a steep, continuous low-altitude turn around what was Shea Stadium, now Citi Field, from south to northwest. It's very low to the ground and a short final approach." And the same pilot noted how it's proximity to midtown can often create the illusion that the plane is skimming rooftops amongst the city's skyline.

Passengers are also aware of the scary landing strip—one woman telling the Daily News, "It's like you're about to crash into the river! And if we did, it wouldn't be any 'Miracle on the Hudson' experience."