No one knows the last time someone had something nice to say about LaGuardia Airport. In fact, given all of the headlines about LaGuardia that contain the words "hellish," "awful," "mayhem," "suck" and "soul-crushing", it's a good bet that Fiorello LaGuardia would smash up his namesake airport like so many pinball machines if he came back to life today. And while the news that LaGuardia is worst in the nation with an on-time arrival rate of 69% isn't good, I for one, think that news is pretty nice.

With a 69.85% on-time arrival rate through August 2016, LaGuardia is 29th out of 29 major airports in America measured by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The U.S. DOT measures on-time performance by whether a flight departs from, or arrives at, a gate less than 15 minutes after their scheduled departure or arrival times. So even with this bit of wiggle room, there's merely a 69% (nice) chance that you'll land close to when you're supposed to at LaGuardia.

The airport is also the worst in the nation at getting you out of New York on time, with its 75.47% on-time departure rate coming in 29th place as well. Frankly, there's nothing nice about that, and the airport could stand to work on it.

Governor Cuomo, who's more more fond of things that work than things that are nice, has promised a $4 billion rebuilt LaGuardia that will be finished by 2021. Until then, just try to plan vacations around JFK, which ranked 25th worst in on-time departures (76.66%) and 26th worst in on-time arrivals (74.69%) in the country.

[h/t QNS]