A LaGuardia flight bound for Atlanta had to turn back to the gate pre-takeoff after a passenger was discovered to have packed fireworks in his checked luggage.

The Post reports that the passenger, Emmanuel Alexis Jr., had packed the illegal fireworks in more than one bag, but Transportation Security Administration agents failed to alert authorities until the plane had already left the gate. Alexis allegedly told officials he was headed to Haiti, where he planned to use the fireworks in a celebration, though authorities found so many of them in his luggage they believe they may have been for resale.

The flight was ultimately delayed for two hours, and Alexis was taken into custody, according to the tabloid. The TSA has not yet responded to request for comment. Note that fireworks are not allowed in carry-on or checked luggage, along with dynamite, hand grenades, flares, blasting caps, plastic explosives or realistic replicas of explosives, so keep those fake bombs out of your pants.