The mother of the man accused of essentially shutting down LaGuardia Airport Saturday morning with his fake bomb spoke to the Daily News. Margie Jones said her 32-year-old son Scott McGann has catatonic schizophrenia, which the News says "leaves victims in a psychotic state where they're unable to speak, respond or even move." She added, "He's a not a kook.

Jones had sent McGann, who has apparently been living on the streets of Manhattan from the past year, a ticket to fly home to California. However, when he arrived at the airport on Saturday, he did not have ID and seem spaced out and/or intoxicated, which concerned a United ticket agent who then alerted the Port Authority cops. The cops tackled him because McGann appeared to press a red detonator button on what was eventually found to be a fake bomb device. The airport's terminal was evacuated for hours, with passengers waiting outside and then waiting to catch another flight.

McGann, who faces a number of charges including first-degree placing a false bomb and making a terrorist threat, was moved to Bellevue Hospital for his psych exam. The Post's sources say, "He understands being in a hospital because he knows he does have problems, but the situation in the court and the cops and correctional officers ordering him about are confusing him... He doesn't believe he committed a crime." He was previously hospitalized there—after a June incident where he ran into Criminal Court and grabbed papers from a lawyer—and a source said, "He was a pain in the ass."

Other say that McGann, who also worked as a computer/technology consultant, was nice. A used bookseller in Union Square said, "He was a friendly guy who worked a lot with skateboarders. He didn't seem like the type of guy to do something like this," while another said McGann made scrap metal sculptures, "There was some spirituality he found in his art. He was very calm, very friendly, and smiled."