Scott McGann, the man who allegedly brought a fake bomb (made of batteries and wires) to Laguardia Airport last Saturday and caused a lot of chaos, was indicted on charges of placing a false bomb and making a terrorist threat. He is currently being held at the psych ward at Bellevue, but the Daily News reports, "He will be arraigned Aug. 18 if he's found mentally competent. His family says he suffers from catatonic schizophrenia."

An earlier News story revealed that McGann had been released without bail by a judge just seven weeks earlier. In June, McGann was arrested after an incident where he ran into the Manhattan Criminal Court and grabbed papers out of a lawyer's hands. The court told the News, "He was released because he was not, at the time, a threat to himself or others."

McGann, a California native who has reportedly been living on the streets of Manhattan for the past year, is a computer/technology consultant. THe Post says, at the time of his arrest this past weekend, he was found with a "hand-drawn schematic for a time machine... The paper confiscated from McGann contained drawings of a bald man's head, with the words 'Age at 17' above him and the phrases 'John Doe' and 'Lifespan 35 years' below him. The ballpoint pen illustrations also show a downward arrow pointing at the word 'Time,' several other arrows pointing at the words 'Dimension 1,' 'Dimension 2,' and 'Dimension 3.'"