Scott McGann, the 32-year-old who caused a lot of chaos at Laguardia Airport a few weeks ago, was found mentally unfit to be arraigned and was instead "remanded into the custody of the New York State of Mental Health's office, where he will be held for a period of one year or until he regains competency," according to Newsday. On August 1, a United ticket agent alert Port Authority officers to McGann, who seemed out of it and inebriated; the officers were suspicious of the wires coming from his bag and detonator-like device, so they tackled him and the airport's terminal was shut down. It was later revealed his bag had papers that suggested McGann was building a time machine (there were "drawings of a bald man's head, with the words 'Age at 17' above him and the phrases 'John Doe' and 'Lifespan 35 years' below him," as well as "a downward arrow pointing at the word 'Time,' several other arrows pointing at the words 'Dimension 1,' 'Dimension 2,' and 'Dimension 3'"). McGann allegedly suffers from catatonic schizophrenia; Queens DA Richard Brown said, "The defendant is clearly a very troubled young man. Under the circumstances, the court's decision is the right one for all concerned."