A Queens man was charged with a felony for allegedly setting up a camera to film "pretty girls" using a unisex bathroom at LaGuardia Airport.

Airport worker Samuel Rodriguez, 39, was charged with unlawful surveillance. According to the Queens D.A. Richard Brown's office, a woman entered a single-stall unisex bathroom on Wednesday just before 9 p.m., right after Rodriguez left.

"Soon after entering the bathroom, the woman heard a beeping sound," Brown's statement says. "She walked toward the sound and spotted a cell phone within the paper towel dispenser... [She] looked closely at the phone, picked it up and was able to playback the most recent video clip, which allegedly showed the defendant placing the phone inside the paper towel box. The camera of the phone was allegedly angled to capture anyone using the toilet directly across from the paper towels."

When Port Authority police approached Rodriguez, he allegedly told them, "I know what this is about and I’m sorry.... I was trying to video pretty girls. I was going to masturbate to it at home."

"The defendant is accused of an egregious invasion of privacy in an attempt to satisfy his lewd sexual desires," D.A. Brown said in a statement. "The victim was literally saved by the bell when the defendant’s cell phone alarm began to buzz and she spotted the hidden phone. This kind of depravity will not be tolerated in Queens County and the defendant now faces prison time for his alleged actions."

Rodriguez's next court appearance is January 15, 2019.