LaGuardia, New York's raggedy '70s bus terminal posing as 21st century airport, is finally making moves toward its long-awaited overhaul, with Port Authority officials announcing yesterday that they're confident they can soon select a team to build a new Central Terminal Building.

A panel, which is also overseeing a competition launched by Governor Cuomo to redesign the airport, has recommended such improvements as a "great hall" at the terminal's entrance, in addition to smoother connections between terminals that would include a new Air Train station and hotel on airport property. Travelers are currently greeted by something like this:


“We don’t expect to fail,“ Patrick Foye, the authority’s executive director, told the Wall Street Journal. “We don’t intend to fail.”

The renovation—estimated to cost around $3.6 billion—has been on hold until Cuomo's office chooses a winner of the design competition, at which point Port Authority can finally determine which bidder will be awarded the contract. The winner of the competition will be announced in June.

The agency is currently deciding between two bidders, who have until May 11 to come up with cost estimates and a time frame for the renovation. Officials expect the terminal to be completed in 2021, though there's plenty of reason to be skeptical: The recommended changes, specifically, the construction of the great hall, could throw a wrench in the tightly controlled bidding process and cause another wave of delays.

“The fiasco goes on,” Joseph Sitt, chairman of the Global Gateway Alliance, told the paper. “I don’t think they’ll make the deadline.”

It's unclear why LaGuardia needs to pour money into a "great hall" anyway, since it already has more than enough distinguishing features. How many other airports have their own colostomy bags, hmm?