0807liberty.jpgRepresentative Anthony D. Weiner long advocated re-opening the Statue of Liberty's crown, which has been closed since the 9/11 attacks. Partly due to terrorism fears, the National Parks Service also noted the narrow staircase "violates every fire code in the city of New York and the state of New York and the state of New Jersey." However, Weiner blamed the park service for "a failure of creativity" by not solving the issues through renovation and evacuation plans.

Flash forward to the current Independence Day and news of Lady Liberty's crown re-opening may become a reality. The Daily News reports the federal government is exploring the idea, which Weiner says is "a dramatic breakthrough."

The National Park Service, which has limited Liberty Island visitors to her pedestal, on June 24 posted a request for bids from engineering and architectural firms to study what it takes to open the entire statue to the public.

"We are asking the firm to answer two questions. Is there a way to make changes to the structure itself to make it comply with safety codes? If they say, no...they would look at a way to minimize the risk," said Darren Boch, a spokesman for the National Park Service.

While there is no guarantee of the crown re-opening and the first new trip up won't occur anytime in the near future, the proper steps are now being taken in order to make it happen. If you've never seen the view from the top, here's a glimpse.

Photo via Brooklyn Hilary's Flickr.