Surprise, surprise—Lady Gaga's scantily clad visit to the Yankees' clubhouse on Friday was news to Yankees brass. The Post reports that Yankees co-chairman Steinbrenner, manager Joe Girardi, and Cashman about Gaga's presence, and president Brian had no idea the performer was visiting the players: "In fact, when a Post reporter told Cashman about Gaga's presence, Cashman said, 'What? I didn't know that,' and stormed off." And now, by Hal's edict, she's permanently banned from the clubhouse!

While Lady Gaga's appearance in a luxury suite was pretty tame, even in her bra and panties, it seems she turned up the heat when she visited players in the clubhouse. The Post says there were "boozy antics -- including swigging whiskey and repeatedly fondling her boobs... The songstress and two girlfriends sauntered their way into the Bombers' clubhouse -- without team approval -- and hung out for 30 minutes after the team lost to the Mets."

Besides meeting players like Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano, she "kept slurring her words trying to say how much she loved the Yankees and how thrilled she was to be inside the exclusive area, sources said." In spite of her get-up, "apparently she didn't think that was enough to catch the players' eyes, so she kept groping her chest over her jersey." Sources tell the Post that "Gaga, who left through a private exit, smooth- talked her way past stadium security." Aw, she sorta reminds us of that kid who made a fake media pass to gain access to Mets home games.