Mayor Bloomberg went to Albany today to persuade Senate Republicans to bring Andrew Cuomo's Marriage Equality Bill, which passed in the Assembly again last night, to a vote. And he left his 45-minute meeting hopeful that the measure will soon pass in the Senate with more than a "bare majority." Still the vote has yet to be scheduled, partially due to the ongoing rent regulation dispute. Meanwhile, last night's Assembly session led to many more of the heartfelt speeches for and against the issue that have come to define the debate.

And for every Harry Bronson speaking eloquently for the measure there were those like, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who used humor and/or religion to further their arguments against it. “When Lady Gaga got involved and told us and said we should support gay marriage," Hikind riffed last night, "I said, you know, Lady Gaga, she is an example of how I should lead my life and how I should behave.” And then he started talking about "The Book."

Despite the objections of Hikind and others, the measure passed 80-63 (actually the lowest margin for the issue in the four years it’s been put to a vote in the chamber). You can watch some highlights (Hikind's cameo is at 4:45) from the vote's debate below:

Though the wait for the measure to come to the Senate continues, it also looks increasingly likely. “I think gay marriage comes to the floor,” Brooklyn Senator, and opponent of marriage equality, Martin Golden said earlier today. “I think it’s definitely coming to the floor.”