The Daily News reports that there's a new scholarship program to help women become taxi drivers. The Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade, New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, has 500 scholarships to offer, but only 8 women have signed up, something the federation's president chalks up to lack of awareness for the program and as well as old perceptions that being a cab driver is dangerous. Really, who knew? The Daily News says that 99% of taxi drivers are men and we believe it: Whenever we get a female cab driver, we do a double take and start to wonder if she really enjoys it. The female cab drivers we've had have generally been very pleasant and nice - though we realize it's a smaller sample size - so we're all for more female cab drivers.

Which brings Gothamist to Taxi, starring Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon. We saw a trailer for the film before Anchorman. Now, there's nothing better than seeing Jimmy Fallon humiliated, but the movie doesn't seem to make sense. Queen Latifah plays a no-nonsense cab driver, who helps out disgraced rookie cop Jimmy, while pursuing bank robbers, and QL has this pimped out cab...didn't Hollywood learn their lesson about a multi-racial, TV-star-paired-with-singer-actress with DC Cab? Maybe it's an excuse to see Gisele Bundchen onscreen, but it's just bad idea jeans, even if it was shot in NYC. And if you watch the trailer, there was one thing Gothamist liked: The title treatment, which has a pulsating/radiating Manhattan street grid in the background.