Women who choose to dress for the weather (cargo shorts or no) already have enough to worry about with subway gropers and masturbating perverts, now an apparent fetishist is surreptitiously videotaping copious amounts of women's backsides and posting them to YouTube. User candidbootyofnyc has only been a member for two days, but has already posted 46 different videos, with titles like "candid bubbled-out ebony booty of nyc" and "Super mega deluxe donk booty of nyc."

The videos don't have more than 300 or so views, but one user commented, "u king," which garnered this response from candidbootyofnyc: "wow, thanx for the huge compliment, that inspire me to do my best."

We've reached out to candidbootyofnyc, but YouTube will likely remove the page and ban the user. In the meantime, if you see someone closely filming a woman's behind without her noticing, we won't be upset if you smack the camera on the ground.