2007_07_bf.jpgIn 2005 Barbara Walters mentioned her distaste for public breastfeeding on The View and was met at the show's studio with "lactivists" protesting her statement.

The NY Press reported that the "lactivists" (the New York City Breastfeeding Promotion and BABE - the Brooklyn Alliance for Breastfeeding Empowerment) were back Friday packed in to a southbound A train at noon. The groups carried signs that read “La leche materna es el mejor alimento” and “Breast milk is best milk.” Along with the signs - t-shirts, buttons and of course boobs were on full display in support of the right to breast feed in public.

State Senator Liz Krueger, author of the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Bill of Rights, was amongst the group. The Bill which was passed by the Assembly and has yet to go before the Senate, "requires that expectant moms be informed of breastfeeding options before they deliver and while in the hospital, and prevents formula providers from pressuring moms while they’re at the hospital."

The train full of breast feeding supporters ended up at the BABE-sponsored breastfeeding fair at Restoration Plaza in Bedford Stuyvesant to join in on World Breastfeeding Week, which ends on August 7th.

Photo of a subway breastfeeding room sign in Taiwan via idewpoint's flickr.