Laci Peterson; Photo - AP The disappearance of 27 year-old, pregnant Laci Peterson late last year may have taken a sad turn: the decomposed bodies of a woman and a baby were found in the San Francisco Bay area. Newsday's coverage includes this:

Results from DNA testing to identify the bodies could take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, Modesto police Det. Doug Ridenour said at a news conference. A spokesman for the Contra Costa Sheriff's Department, which has jurisdiction where the bodies were found and is doing the testing, said the time might stretch to several weeks.

"It's not ‘CSI,' okay,” said the sheriff's spokesman, Jimmy Lee, in a reference to the hit TV show about crime analysis. "There's a lot of testing that has to be done,” he said at a packed news conference at sheriff's headquarters in Martinez.

The crazy thing is that the leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime. Gothamist is reminded of the Charles and Carol Stuart case in Boston, where Charles Stuart fatally shot his pregnant wife, wounded himself with a shot to the stomach, and claimed a black man had shot them. Apparently, on the day of the disappearance, Scott Peterson went fishing. It's all very suspicious, although Scott Peterson could claim he is being set up.

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