The temperature dropped to a brisk 55 degrees in Central Park this morning as a cool, dry air mass has moved into the area. Despite abundant sun this afternoon we will only warm up to near 70, and with clear skies expected tonight, tomorrow morning will be just as cool.

Beyond the clear skies in the morning, Labor Day weekend weather is not looking great if you are hoping to spend time outdoors. The storm that was Hurricane Harvey is centered over western Tennessee today and is expected to start affecting us Saturday afternoon as it makes its way northeastward. Saturday morning's clear skies will quickly give way to an easterly breeze and overcast conditions by early afternoon. Rain is likely by evening and thunderstorms are possible from late Saturday night until about noon on Sunday. The wind and rain will keep the temperature to the upper 60s on Saturday.

The good news is the storm will get caught up in the westerlies as it moves north. That should mean the skies will start to clear later on Sunday afternoon, and it looks like we are in for a very nice Monday. High pressure will be building in so we should see lots of sun and a high near 80 on Monday and the lower 80s on Tuesday.

Finally, although it is still far away in the middle of the Atlantic, Hurricane Irma is already a very potent storm. Early indications are that Irma could become a major hurricane once it moves over the warmer waters of the western Atlantic and could potentially take a path somewhere along the East Coast after next weekend. That's a long, long, time in terms of weather forecasting, so there is lots of uncertainty as to what might happen, but it is worth keeping an eye on Irma's progress.