An all-night barbeque held by friends leading up to today's West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn turned deadly when shots rang out early this morning and two men were left dead, a third wounded. 25-year-old Marvin Brown and 26-year-old David Harris were fatally shot while hanging out at the party on Chester Street in Brownsville. Brown was shot in the head and killed instantly when the incident took place around 5:45 a.m. Another man was wounded after being shot in the leg and a fourth punched in the face. A woman at the bbq told the News, "The vibe was cool - everybody knows everybody. Everybody's talking and laughing. It was family and friends, and I guess it just got a little out of hand." Friends and family say that there's no way Brown, who had just finished training to be an ambulance driver, could have been the intended target. One buddy said, "There's nothing you couldn't not like about him."