A lawyer representing 19 inmates who are suing the Department of Correction over allegations of rat poison in their food says laboratory testing has confirmed the presence of poison, the Daily News reports.

According to the tabloid, New Jersey lab EMSL Analytical found traces of Brodifacoum, which is marketed as rodenticide, in a sample of meatloaf. The Department of Corrections is conducting separate testing at an outside lab, because the Department of Health didn't have the right equipment to perform the test on "blue and green pellets" in the meat, the News reports.

In March, Joanne Squillace, the inmates' lawyer, filed a lawsuit that alleged the inmates experienced "nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding" after eating the meatloaf in question on March 3rd, and did not receive fair medical treatment.

Around the same time, then-Rikers inmate Ramsey Orta stopped eating prepared food, fearing a similar incident. However, at the time his lawyer, Kenneth Perry, told us that he was not aware of any connection between the 19 inmates' case, and Orta.

Orta's hunger strike drew considerable attention on social media, as well as contributions to a GoFundMe page that ultimately covered his bail, and then some. At the time, the Free Thought Project urged its readers to support Orta, explaining that, "While in prison, Orta has taken seemingly drastic measures to ensure that he is not killed by the gang he witnessed murder Eric Garner. Orta has been refusing to eat, as he fears that guards may poison him because he is a high-profile opponent of police brutality."

(This week, Orta received a Best "Spot News Video" award from the New York Press Club for his cell-phone video of a police officer implementing a deadly and illegal chokehold on Eric Garner.)