At this point the Dodgers have been from LA for 54 years, but that doesn't mean both cities can't still cling to that history like the last helicopter out of Saigon. The California team will wear throwback Brooklyn uniforms for six games this year, and are having the fans vote on which style the team should wear. Perhaps the team just wants to be allowed in city diners again.

The three options are the 1911 road jersey with pinstripes and "Brooklyn" written vertically down the button panel, the 1931 road uniform with a capital B on the front and the 1940 blue "satin" uniform with white script. The "satin" was used so you could see the players easier during the new night games. Fans will vote and the team will announce which jerseys they will be using on February 25th, and personally, we're rooting for the satin. Because that's just silly.