The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the glorious weekend is right around the corner. So can you really blame the L train for snagging an early summer Friday? It's not like you had anywhere to be today, right?

According to the MTA, L service between Broadway-Junction and Lorimer was fully suspended earlier this morning, after a broken third rail near Halsey Street caused several trains to lose power. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of daily L train commuters with bosses apparently less chill than the MTA, who were expected to somehow get to work this morning. Too bad!

While the MTA said that full service would be restored by 7 a.m., lengthy delays seemed to drag on for most of the morning. Some riders were offered the option of shuttle buses, though that courtesy was not extended past Broadway Junction, since the issue was "not foreseen." Those who did eventually get a bus said they'd spent close to an hour on a dangerously packed platform. Some people just gave up entirely.

An MTA spokesperson said the issue was not related to ongoing repair work on the Canarsie Tube—same as Monday morning's meltdown, and also last Friday's. It's unclear how the third-rail came to be so FUBAR that service had to be suspended in a majority of Brooklyn.

Beginning at 8 p.m. tonight, the L train will begin reducing service for weekend work, with trains coming every 20 minutes as a best case scenario until Monday morning. The MTA recommends seeking out alternate means of transit—the bus or the M train or a catamaran, literally anything but the cross-borough route that is ostensibly supposed to still work.

We hope the L train enjoys its long weekend!

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