Yesterday, we watched in horror as three men viciously beat up a man who scolded them for spitting on the L train. The Post was able to locate the victim, 25-year-old Daniel Endara, who spoke out about the incident, and why he stood up to the men on the same evening as his own birthday celebration: “They were making noise and acting like they were mad about something. One of them spat on the floor and hit a woman in her late 40s. It seemed like he had no respect and no one else was going to do anything. So I told him to leave her alone and have some respect for people on the train.

A student and security guard, Endara was riding the L train home from his birthday celebration on Nov. 8 when the fighting broke out near the Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues Station. “I was very angry at these guys, but I understand they come from a tough environment,” he said. “Jail won’t help them. They need to learn how to give back to the community instead of always taking.”

As Endara took blows from all three men, one of whom took his shirt off, other straphangers laughed, or took cameras out to film the incident. One of those videos (as you can watch above) ended up on World Star HipHop, the internet's number one stop for voyeurs to see fight videos. Endara had harsh words for those rubberneckers, whom he said need "to learn how to act:" “I feel we’re in a generation that laughs at people getting beat up. That isn’t entertainment. They should have at least called the cops.”