In February, NYC Transit installed video screens on the platform in the Myrtle-Wyckoff station in Brooklyn, showing the locations of every L train on the line, updated every 15 seconds. And now we know from the Twitter machine that the screens have arrived at Bedford Avenue. NYC Transit posted these photos, and we're told the screens have been installed at various points throughout the station.

The screens cull data from the L line’s computerized operating system, which tracks exact train locations and then shows them advancing (or not!) along the screen. Pretty cool stuff, but this is hipster central; the MTA needs to make these screens interactive and let us play some L train Frogger while we wait.

If the pilot program goes well, it may be expanded to other stations. The MTA also points out this is part of new MTA Chairman Jay Walder's plan to bring "accurate arrival information and modern fare technology" to riders.