Riders of the L train gave the line an average grade of "C" according to the NYC Transit Agency's report card. Over 4,000 riders graded the 10.3 mile line (42,000 surveys were handed out; over 2700 were mailed in while over 1200 were submitted via the MTA's website), giving the following marks:

  • B- to "Signs in subway cars that help riders find their way," "Comfortable temperature in subway cars," and "Lack of graffiti in subway cars"
  • C for "Reasonable wait times for trains"
  • C+ to "Sense of security in stations" and "Sense of security on trains"
  • C- to "Minimal delays during trips" and "Cleanliness of Stations."
  • D+ for "Adequate room on board during rush hour"

And here are the top areas where the L can improve, according to riders:

1) Adequate room on board at rush hour
2) Minimal delays during trips
3) Reasonable wait times for trains
4) Cleanliness of stations
5) Sense of security in stations
6) Sense of security on trains
7) Station announcements that are easy to hear
8) Station announcements that are informative
9) Courtesy and helpfulness of station personnel
10) Train announcements that are easy to hear

The 7 train, the first line to be graded, had an average grade of C-. Interesting grade comparison: The 7 train received one B- while the L received four; the 7 received one D and four D-'s and the L received only one D.

Photograph by lauratitian on Flickr