Update: new video below.

On Saturday afternoon, some L train riders reportedly heard that there was a "gun" or "bomb" on their train, which led to panic as the train approached Bedford Ave in Williamsburg.

Tamara Kraus was on the train, and Tweeted shortly after the incident, "i'm shaking as i write this, so forgive any typos. just made my way home after what should have been a normal L train ride. We were almost to Bedford Ave as the entire car started stomping and running toward my side yelling that someone had a gun."

The MTA tweeted an update, saying, "The NYPD arrived on the scene. There was no gunman found and no reports of any shots fired." They added, "We know that may have been a frightening situation but we are committed to the safety of our customers at all times. Glad everyone is safe."

Others also shared reports from the scene:

Another passenger on the train, Tatiana Smith, told the NY Post that people were yelling, "Run! Run! Someone has a gun! Run!" She added, "When I started to run, my biggest fear was of being trampled." Some captured the scene on their videos, and you can see the chaos and people dropping items (which the MTA said may find their way to Lost & Found).

Update: some new footage shows more of the stampede.