NYC Subway Scoop Tweeted, "Due to a smoke condition @ 1st Ave, L suspended Myrtle Ave - 8th Ave both directions," and then "Update: L suspended both directions Bedford Ave - 8th Ave noth directions due to smoke condition @ 1st Ave." We hear there's a track fire in the tunnel and that passengers are being evacuated on the Brooklyn side.

Update 10:03 a.m.: MRMers Tweeted, "Subway fire! With smoke pouring out of the Bedford stop and people in mass exodus, alternate routes were taken advantage of," while danaspiegel took this photo, "How festive! Someone's starting a BBQ in the Bedford L station. I didn't need to go to work today anyway!"

Update 10:58: Service still seems to be suspended. Some Tweets: "Thanks to the L Train being a complete douchebag, the office is practically empty this morning. #WelcomeToTheCreativeDepartment" (via); "Fucking L train isn't running. Fuck my life that thing is my lifeblood" (via); "In a chilling twist for my morning commute, there is a fire in the tunnel. Go L train." (via); and "If the l train weren't already on fire, id set fire to it for making me take a shuttle bus into manhattan #slowestcommuteever" (via).

The MTA reminds you that they have the delay verification letters you can show to prove you were late...of course, they arrive in the mail.