The L train shutdown is upon us, forcing Manhattanites and North Brooklynites to remain in their respective boroughs for the next five weekends, or experience longer cross-river commutes via the G, J & M trains and city buses. And though L-Mageddon is still in its early hours, it appears despair has already begun to set in. Behold:

L train riders are not ones to scoff at hyperbole:

Not at all.

Though commutes sans the L train are certainly unpleasant.

Some people are taking it well!

You all should have moved off the G.

Small businesses are definitely concerned that the shutdown will affect their bottom line.

Then again, Smorgasburg seems to be surviving...

So much for the L-pocalypse deterring folks from visiting Smorg today.

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Note that the MTA is running shuttles to and from the Lorimer Street stop and the JMZ Marcy Ave station, should you require a ride to a train that will cross the East River this weekend. Non-public transportation options include the East River Ferry (buy your tickets in advance!) Uber is also running $5 flat fare carpools along the L train route during the shutdown, via their UberPOOL app.

There've been a few complaints about the service, though, so note that the $5 deal only applies if you're crossing the East River, and you have to stay within the bounds defined on their blog if you want to qualify for the deal—anyone who gets charged regular fare should file a complaint through their receipt, or by emailing