Above images from Girls Gone Wild, below image from the Post

Leave it to Joe Francis to make sure Hookergate stays dirty! The Girls Gone Wild founder told the Daily News, "We have some really great footage of Ashley. She was really into girl-on-girl action."

2008_03_dupreclub.jpgThe News reports that initially Francis was offering $1 million to Ashely Alexandra Dupre, aka "Kristen," the "American, petite, very pretty brunette, 5-feet-5 inches and 105 pounds" hooker who trysted with Governor Spitzer on February 13 in Washington DC, to be in a video and go on tour. But then Francis pulled the offer, realizing he had a video of her already from 2005! And because he was "asked about the video by a News reporter"!

Francis also spoke to the Post, "She spent a week on the bus, where she engaged in girl-girl action and got nude. I actually think she had a sexual relationship with a cameraman....I personally remember Ashley. She was really at her peak back then. I'm glad I got to her before Spitzer - she looked a lot better at 18." Well, of course - this footage isn't costing him $1 million. Francis said he kicked Dupre off the bus when they caught her drinking.

The Post also has photos of Dupre clubbing last month and suggests the outside interest in Dupre is dying down. Her lawyer says that he's been passing along all offers to Dupre, but she has bigger things to concentrate on: She's been speaking to federal prosecutors in so-called "Queen for a Day" meetings (she doesn't get prosecuted for what she says).