Sensing that the hundreds of millions of dollars they spent to influence the 2012 election wasn't enough, the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are considering a deal to purchase the eight newspapers owned by the Tribune Company, including The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and The Baltimore Sun. Following up on LA Weekly's reporting, the Times finds that the Kochs have hired a consultant to assess the deal, and quotes several unnamed sources who say that Everything Is Going According to Plan. “If they get some bad press that Darth Vader is buying Tribune, they don’t care,” one source said. Hear that, Michael Wolff?

The Tribune company is hoping to sell the papers—recently valued at around $623 million—as a package. Koch Industries has an annual revenue of $115 billion, more than enough speech to make the transaction. There are other suitors, but they are primarily interested in a deal to purchase only The Los Angeles Times, the fourth-largest paper in the country.

An attendee of the yearly summits held by the Kochs for the people who treat countries and companies like marbles describes the brothers' rationale:

“It was never ‘How do we destroy the other side?’ ”

“It was ‘How do we make sure our voice is being heard?’ ”