Three cops have been suspended without pay after they allegedly crashed into a car in a Staten Island strip mall parking lot, backed into a hair salon, and fled the scene, abandoning their ride inside the ruined business.

The cops, reported to be Lieutenant Vincent Molinini and detectives Frank Muirhead and Christopher Corulla, were celebrating Molinini's recent promotion at Rookie Sports Bar on Arthur Kill Road last Friday night. When they left the bar, the Daily News reported, Corulla sideswiped a car belonging to a DJ at the bar, then backed all the way into the Hair Do or Dye salon next door, stopping only when he hit an interior wall. Surveillance video shows the driver trying to pull out of the smashed-up salon but getting stuck.

The News wrote that Corulla then hopped into another car driven by Muirhead, and the three fled. The DJ gave chase and caught up to the trio at a red light, where they reportedly identified themselves as cops and said Corulla was feeling ill. Somehow they got the DJ to agree to let the issue lie till the following morning.

The salon's owner, Crystal MacNair said she suffered $80,000 in damages, including the shattered window, smashed hair stations, and cracked walls.

"We've only been open not even a year yet, so that's really what was more upsetting," she told ABC7.

MacNair is 31 and had saved for 14 years to open the salon. She had a surprisingly forgiving take on the people responsible.

"I heard that they got suspended and stuff, which is, okay, they got suspended, but I hope it doesn't ruin their lives and they don't lose their jobs or anything," she told NBC4. "It's an accident, it happens."

To the Person that was driving the Car Hair Do or Dye wishes you well and hopes that you are ok and accidents happen. Things can be fixed & No one was hurt �

Posted by Hair Do or Dye Salon on Saturday, February 27, 2016

The officers are assigned to the Force Investigation Division, formed last year to look into police shootings and deaths in police custody.

The News's sources seem to think that Molinini could lose his raise, but somehow keep his job (?).

Muirhead is accused along with several other officers of beating a man named Derek Franks in Stapleton in 2010. Franks is in the process of suing the city in federal court over what he says was an unprovoked pile-on initiated by Muirhead and ultimately involving four officers, a firefighter, and a paramedic. Franks says the stomping occurred after he encountered a friend being involuntarily hospitalized and offered to call his family to let them know what was going on.

The altercation left him with facial fractures, eye injuries, and a fractured wrist, according to the suit. The city has denied the allegations, writing that "any injury alleged to have been sustained resulted from plaintiff’s own culpable or negligent conduct of others" (a boilerplate response in civil rights lawsuits). The case is ongoing.