The MTA is looking into using satellite technology to put "real-time arrival information" at bus stops. The Daily News got a hold of a Transit Authority document that said the MTA would want to "expand the system citywide for its fleet of approximately 4,600 buses," but would test a program out with a portion of buses first, focusing ones that come out of the West 126th depot (the M15, M31, M35, M57, M66, M72 and the M116). Gothamist loves this idea: We constantly do the "Is There Bus in the Yonder" - you know, when you peer down the street, to see if there's a bus coming. The News also says, "Officials hope the info screens will do away with the frustrating tendency of having no buses appear for long stretches, then have a few arrive at once," but Gothamist thinks that will only happen if buses do a sort of skip stop - say one bus stops at every other stop while the one right behind it goes to the stops the preceding bus stopped. We'll stop wondering about it, because we know our bus efficiency dreams are crazy talk.

The NYC Transit Riders Council says that though the TA has tried to bring real time electronic message boards before, the city's skyscrapers were interfering with signal transmissions. Now, Gothamist can't wait to for this to come to the subway stations.

Photograph from the high concept remake film of The Honeymooners